One Cat Image Squasher PSP

Intelligent Image Resizer

For Windows 2000/XP

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  • Resizes single directories or entire collections
  • Creates images optimized specifically for display on the Sony PSP!
  • Fit-to Wizard can fit images by resolution or quality to a memory size
  • Also supports other popular mobile devices (PocketPC, Archos, etc.)
  • Very easy to use step by step procedure

Pictures get bigger and bigger

With the advent of the digital camera, suddenly all of your memories could be stored on a computer. Well, at least all of the memories you bothered to snap a picture of. Without the need to buy film or develop every picture, the number of pictures people take has expanded rapidly. Every year brings better cameras, with higher resolution pictures. But with each advance in resolution the size of images increases as well. This is great for displaying images on very high resolution displays or when printed, but it does require a large amount of space.

Mobile device displays even smaller

With the Sony PSPs integrated photo viewer, you can bring your pictures with you. Of course, this device does not have a large amount of disk space. Suprisingly, One Cat Image Squasher can fit huge picture collections in very limited space. With its fit-to wizard, it can even choose the best quality and size settings to best accomodate the process. And after extensive testing on the Sony PSP, the images are optimized for incredible clarity even on such a small screen.

How It Works

One Cat Image Squasher provides a simple to use step by step procedure to resize your picture collections. There are two methods at your disposal: manual and wizard. With the wizard, you simply provide the memory size of the target device or disc and then choose to squash the images by specifying either the resolution (dimensions) of the target images or the quality (compression level). The program will then make the best guess for the corresponding settings. If you are more adventuresome, you can choose the manual method and specify the dimensions and compression yourself. Then let it run! When complete, your newly squashed images will be ready to go.

Not limited to just Sony PSPs

While One Cat Image Squasher PSP is defaults to squashing pictures specifically for your PSP, you can easily toggle the mode under the Options menu to the more general Image Squasher for support for other devices, CDs, and more.

Either spend $15 on this indispensable tool, or spend a lot more on storage media!

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